Breast Cancer Stories

Breast Cancer Stories

I am 29 years old, and scared out of my mind. A few weeks ago, I noticed a pain in my left breast, but I have a toddler and figured we had hurt it playing rough. Then a couple of days later I noticed a lump, and since then the pain remains and the left breast looks different than before. I often feel like there is something on my breast, like the breast itself is not a part of my body, it feels like it does not belong there. I am going to get it checked, asap, but I was wondering if this is how anyone with breast cancer has felt? I really hope that I am being paranoid, but I have this bad gut feeling that this is not good. Anyone feel this way with cancer? I know that this is not a diagnosis, I just could use some educated advice before I lose it. Or any websites with this kind of information, I have looked, but so far, there are tons, they have not answered my fearful questions. Is BReast Cancer hereditary? My Grandma and her daughter, my Aunt both had BC. After looking around, I learned — I’m so sorry to hear that you are having such a worrying time and hope my experience may help. I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2003 at the age of49. Thankfully, following a mastectomy and axial clearance, there was no spread and three and a half years down the line I am still OK, I just have to carry on taking my medication for a few more years and keep going for check ups at regular intervals. It was actually a minor injury that alerted me to my cancer. A bone in my bra had poked out and scratched me and it wasn’t healing so I went to my GP. He gave me a breast examination and said the scratch was nothing to worry about but did I know I had a lump. Well, I hadn’t noticed it before but when he drew my attention to it I was astonished and just couldn’t understand how I had missed it. Having said this, I had never previously performed breast examinations on myself and the lump was quite small – only 2cms – and not painful at that time. I had to wait nearly two months for my operation, though, and by that time it was starting to be painful in a kind of itchy, dull throbbing way. The best way I can describe how the lump itself felt is like a small, hard, smooth bit of gristle. Also when I looked at myself in the mirror I could clearly see that there was beginning to be a difference in shape between my breasts. You are doing exactly the right thing by going asap to get this checked out and I hope and pray that you will find it is nothing serious. But if it is indeed cancer you will, I feel, have caught it early as I did. Rest assured that there is a huge world of help out there, both in the medical system and on the Internet. If you are in the UK you should get a breast care nurse assigned to you, mine was a very caring woman who was absolutely brilliant and answered even my stupidest questions with immense patience I spent hours and hours on Google looking for anything and everything that might help regarding treatment (there is very little on how it actually feels, though, as you have found); I joined forums so I could talk to others with the same condition; I used self hypnosis to conquer my fear of general anaesthetic and my fear of what the future might hold. I was very lucky in that my husband was a rock of strength and so were my family and friends. I do hope so much that your nearest and dearest will be the same for you. Good luck, take care and God bless. PS I have no history of breast cancer in my family.

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  1. My son is 11 and got diagnosed with b cell lymphoma this June. The co-incidental thing I find in many people I have spoken to about cancer since this is that often times they start to notice the symptoms after some type of injury.

    My son was hit with a hockey puck on his shin back in January. I got it X-rayed then and nothing. Suddenly in May he says mom I got this lump on my leg right where he got hit with the puck. . . after several tests and scans they biopsy it and it’s cancer.

    I even asked the doctor at the hospital if there is some correlation and he said lots of people come in saying they notice the pain after a blow or injury. So maybe the disease was underying and the injury “brought it out”.

    For us it was a good thing because it was in stage 1 after only month or so of noticing it. Getting it early is very important.

    Since you have history of it in your family it could be likely that it is cancer. They actually tell you to start in your 20s (with mammos) if you have a history of it.

    Today they are very good with treatments, and if it IS cancer, they are very, very successful with outcomes.

    Remember, whatever lies ahead, you can do it. If it ends up being cancer, you’ll make it through. You have a toddler who needs you and you WILL get though this. Let’s hope it is something else, clogged milk ducts or something, but be prepared for the worst too so it doesn’t hit as a total shock. If it’s anything less then whatever it is won’t seem so bad.

    Don’t be too scared if it is. My son has taken the chemo fairly well. It’s nauseating for a few days after but overall he keeps saying he’s fine, even went to cancer camp for 2 weeks and did all sorts of things.

    I guess I’m trying to say your world won’t be over if it is. Stay positive and have good friends and lots of support around you. You’ll get through. Take life just one day at a time and don’t look forward or back. Don’t go reading up on this either. It’s way too general and you will only worry yourself with more than you need to. Get all the information you need from your DOCTOR. . . they are the only ones who know your specific disease and your needs. Good luck, stay positive. . . you’ll be ok!

  2. Breast Cancer if very hereditary, my family has 16 cases of breast cancer in only 3 generations. I have to get checked out regularly, but I personally have not had it yet, I only have the fibercystic breast, lumpy breast. I do not have cnacer, and yet my breast hurt all the time. when I drink caffine, I can’t hardly move my arms.
    but the best advise that I could give you is, if you love tha toddler, you will go today and check it out. With all 16 cases of breast cancer, we only lost 1 to it. I am very serious. only one of my family members have actuallydied from breast cancer, the ohter 15 stayed survivors for years and years. the sooner that you go test it out and have it removed, the better your chances are of living a normal, wonderful. . long long productive life. So do that child a favor, and go start the healing process today, and remmber, God wouldnt’ give you anything that He thought you couldnt handle, my prayers are with you

  3. Yes it is extremely scary. I was diagnosis with breast cancer in 1999 – I found the lump myself – had it for a while and thought it was just a pulled muscle (crazy – pulled muscle in my breast) and I am doing well now – I did not have my breast removed just the lump – that is an option with most breast cancer! @

  4. Hi. I was 29 years old and 8 months pregnant with an 18 month old daughter when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have no family history (that I know of) of BC, and knew about my lump for at least a month before I had it checked. I thought since I was pregnant that it was a milk duct. It was not painful, and oddly enough, I could feel it better when I was in an upright position, and hardly at all when I was laying down.

    Anyway, I am 2 1/2 years out of my diagnosis and as far as I know, I am cancer free. Please go get it checked, just for peace of mind. I had 3 tumors, the biggest being 4 cm. My surgeon said it mostly takes about 8 years for it to grow that big, but my pregnancies most likely made it grow faster, so who knows how long it was there before I found it.

  5. You are not being paranoid!!!!!!! Get checked out! You are not to young, just last week I worked with a twenty one year old with breast cancer. It is hereditary and also hormonal. Mentioning having a young child can also increase your risk. Sometime during pregnancy yourhormones getwaky and can lead to breast ca.

    Get checked! If you need sugery get a PET/CT and a second opinion. . .

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