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Five Benefits of A Dog Support and Rehabilitation Harness

Five Benefits of A Dog Support and Rehabilitation Harness

A Rehabilitation and Support Dog Harness

Cane Corso DogEvery owner of a handicapped or injured dog has most likely already discovered the benefits of dog support and rehabilitation harness. This alternative to a traditional neck collar isn’t just useful for owners of medically challenged dogs; it’s a good choice for any dog owner. They provide a multitude of safety and health benefits, both for your dog and yourself.

Better For Smaller Dogs

A traditional neck collar is fine for most dogs, but if your dog has a medical issue or a socialization issue you may want to consider a healthy and safe alternative. Also, small dogs seem to do better with body collars because they have tiny necks that can be harmed when using a neck collar. Pulling on a leash just a little bit too hard could cause damage to the neck of a small dog. A harness spreads the pulling point of the leash over multiple areas on the front and rear of a dog’s body, making it a safer and healthier solution.

More Control

Because these types of collar alternatives are secured around multiple parts of the dog’s body, it offers greater control over the movements of your dog when walking or helping him or her get around after an injury or surgery.

While a neck collar can be easy to wiggle out of, harnesses are nearly impossible to shed for dogs. This prevents unpleasant surprises during walks which may not only put your dog at risk, but yourself as well.

Doesn’t Get Tangled Easily

When walking multiple dogs the leashes can get tangled. Straightening them out can take time and effort – time better spent enjoying the walk. These can offer the solution. They are designed so the dog faces the same way as the owner, making the leashes much less likely to get tangled during walking.

Provides More Support

They offer greater support for your dog’s body, which is why it’s usually used on handicapped or injured dogs. But the increased support is healthy for dogs in general. The support feature is especially useful for walking hills and stairs, as you can safely help your dog by gently lifting the area in need of help.

Dog support harnesses come in a variety of sizes and shapes that let you lift your dog in its entirety or just by its rear, wherever your dog has trouble.

Useful During Travel

Travelling with a dog can be enjoyable for everyone. Tying your dog in the car might be necessary for his or her safety while travelling, but if your dog only has a neck collar there’s an increased chance of injury.  A harness created for dog support and rehabilitation doesn’t that has the restraint distributed over your dog’s body won`t have this risk. It`s the best alternative when it comes to your dog’s safety.