Beginner Beekeeper

Beginner Beekeeper

Beekeeping For Beginners

BeekeepersDo you fancy the thought of your own homemade honey? Or are you looking to start beekeeping as business venture? Well, here are some basics for beginner beekeepers on what it takes to get started and to keep bees. Basically, beekeeping is a relatively inexpensive hobby/venture that can be a regular source of sweet bonuses year-round. However, for a beginner, a significant start-up cost is unavoidable. Even before investing in one of these projects there are a lot of things that you need to think through.

First, it is important to consider the ordinances or laws regulating beekeeping in your area. They may vary from one country to another country, state to state or with local legislations. If you are keeping them in an area that has a high population, then the safety of your family, friends and neighbors is of great concern. This means you will need to consider the location where your beehive will sit. Whether it is your backyard or your garden, it must be conducive for apiculture. Ideally, you also have to think through where these insects will fly to retrieve the nectar and pollen. Of course, having the types of plants and flowers that bees prefer within the vicinity will be a good thing.


It is also important to note that they build their nests from the nature that surrounds them. They fly to flowers, extract the nectar, and bring it back to their hive and comb. From there, they slowly turn it into honey.

Supplies Needed

When starting up you`ll need a number of supplies that will enable you to easily get started with the process. You will need a

  • A man-made hive (a beehive) so that you can preserve a colony and also harvest the honey.
  • The appropriate clothing that is to be worn when interacting with them.
    • A veil to protect your face from possible stings.
    • A full body suit to protect the rest of your body. Suggestion – you will want to avoid going for woolen or nylon materials, and it is best if the clothing is white or a light color
    • Forgo gloves are also in order.
  • A smoker – this is used to calm them down. It must be used properly and not excessively.
  • Hive tool – this is a device that is used like a lever to loosen frames and boxes.
  • Uncapping knife – used to uncap the wax cells where the honey is stored.

Caring For Bees

Once you have got started, they will need regular care. Beekeeping tasks can be divided by seasons.

Spring is a good time to start a beehive. During this period your tasks will include feeding them, harvesting any honeycomb used over the winter, complete miscellaneous tasks such as taking care of health issues and perhaps getting a new queen or adding more room.

Much to the delight of a beginner beekeeper, your bees will basically take care of themselves during summer months. You only need to check up on them in case of any problems.

During autumn, it’s honey collection time! It is also a time to prepare them for winter. You will need to harvest all the honey combs, reduce hive entrance and complete treatment that is necessary to treat and prevent diseases or pests.

Bees need lots of water every day, therefore you’ll need to ensure that there is some around them at all times.

A typical beehive can house thousands of workers, all capable of stinging, so ensure that you have enough beekeepers knowledge and the right measure of control especially when they are living within flying distance of people.


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