Our Best Advice For Dealing with ICBC After An Auto Accident

Our Best Advice For Dealing with ICBC After An Auto Accident

options after an accidentIt is an unfortunate fact of life that accidents will happen, and where road accidents are concerned it is not only damage to your vehicle that can be a problem; personal injury can also result from even the slightest of accidents, and it helps to understand the best course of action should you be a victim. There are certain steps you should follow in order to make sure you get the best service from your insurance company, and in this area you need to get in touch, as quickly as possible, with an ICBC-experienced injury lawyer in Vancouver. Let’s have a closer look at what you need to do in the event of a road traffic accident, whether you are injured or not.

At the Scene

Being involved in a road accident can be a traumatic event, and this may lead to mistakes being made in the immediate aftermath. It is vital that you keep calm and deal with things in an orderly fashion. The first thing you should do, in the event of any accident, is call 911 and request that the police attend the accident site. They will document the scene and take statements. For this reason, you should not move the vehicles involved if at all possible until a police officer has taken note of the situation. Furthermore, if there are obvious injuries to persons involved – no matter how slight – these should be reported to the 911 operator, who will send paramedics if they are deemed necessary. Once you have involved the emergency services, you need to follow the next step.

Statements of Fact

The primary rule of thumb is this: never admit to the accident being your fault, even if you thought it was. You need to call a personal injury attorney to handle your case before you get into the process of asserting who was to blame for the accident. The lawyer will advise you of the correct course of action to take. These lawyers have plenty of experience in dealing with personal injury and road accidents, and understand the nuances of the law. If there are witnesses, ask them – or get the police to ask them – for statements, but on no account admit that you were in any way responsible, no matter what the witness statements may infer. You also need to make sure you have full contact details for the other drivers involved in the accident; full names and addresses, vehicle licence plates, driver’s license details and contact details, as well as the name of their insurer, will help sort things out as quickly as possible.

Dealing with ICBC

The above paragraph leads us to this: you need a lawyer that knows how to deal with the big insurance companies such as ICBC in British Columbia, Canada to handle your dealings effectively. The insurance policy you take out to cover your vehicle and yourself in the event of an accident is a legal requirement, and it is also there to help you. However, you will need to convince the insurance company that you have a legitimate claim. This may not be as easy as it sounds, and an experienced lawyer will be essential to your success in making a claim. Never overlook the necessity to call a lawyer; it should be the first thing you do upon arriving home from the scene of the accident. If you are injured and unable to make the call, get someone else to do it for you as soon as possible.

It really cannot be stressed strongly enough how important it is that you contact an experienced lawyer to handle the case. The law can be a complex issue, even in the simplest of cases, and having a lawyer on hand to deal with things makes it much easier for you, the injured party, and also enhances the chances of a claim being successful. Call the lawyer as soon as you can and arrange an appointment to discuss the claim in detail.

The video below examines dealings with ICBC further for increased awareness on the topic:

In Conclusion

It is never a pleasant experience to endure an accident, and even less so when injuries are involved. This is further reason to make sure you have a successful car accident lawyer on your case. With expert help you will find the process much less traumatic than it could be, and things will be brought to a satisfactory conclusion as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Remember the key facts: don’t admit blame, gather all the details possible – including those of the police officers attending the scene – and, most important of all, call a lawyer. Follow these simple rules, and deal with the immediate aftermath in a calm and concentrated manner, and the entire troublesome event will be dealt with efficiently and quickly via the correct legal channels.  For fast and accurate free legal advice for your particular matter, contact Butler & Company at www.yourlegalbutler.com.

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