Why do Truck Accidents Happen?

Why do Truck Accidents Happen?

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semi rear enderIn order to drive a truck, a person must undergo certain training and must follow certain state and federal guidelines. However, truckers are human, and accidents happen even to the best trained drivers. It is important to be aware of what can go wrong with trucks, especially if you are on the road as well. Knowledge can help you stay safe.

In 2010, it was reported that there were just under 3,500 deaths as a result of big vehicle crashes. The majority of those deaths did not occur to the occupants of the trucks involved; instead, it was the individuals driving the cars and their passengers who were affected. In some cases, the blame for the crash fell on the shoulders of the person driving the car. However, truck drivers were at fault in many cases as well.

Truck drivers must have a special license to drive their vehicle. Known as a commercial license, this qualification is much different than a normal driver’s license that other individuals have. Truck drivers have to be physically fit in order to get behind the wheel, so they must have a medical certificate from the DOT. If a crash occurs, and it is the truck driver’s fault, their entire company could be liable for damages. In these instances, a truck crash attorney often gets involved. These lawyers are familiar with these types of situations and the requirements that truckers must follow.

Truck drivers cannot make a change unless they have a ten hour break. In addition, they are not able to spend more than 60 hours on the road in a seven day time span. In one day, the trucker cannot work more than 14 hours or drive more than 11 hours. This is because extreme tiredness is often the cause of a number of accidents.

Driving Logs

Truckers are also asked to keep a driving log for each of the trips. In this log, the driver must note how many hours they were on the road, where they were headed to, their gas mileage and what they were carrying. This process does not necessarily have to be handwritten; many truckers can complete their log online. In addition, some trucks are equipped with digital tools to prevent the vehicle from traveling more than it is supposed to in the course of a day.

Many accidents happen because a vehicle is going faster than the speed limit. Trucks are not supposed to travel at speeds exceeding 55 miles per hour. Because a truck is much longer and heavier than a normal car, it cannot stop as quickly. Therefore, it must go slower to be safe.

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